Sunday, November 22, 2020
Happy early Thanksgiving các em! Have you had your Christmas lights up yet? Because I did. :)
This week, I kinda wanted to work on the next chapter but the school just announced some Advent activities so I will explain that in a bit but you don't have any new homework this week besides finishing Week 10 (if you haven't already done so).
As for the announcement, you can watch and listen to the details here or here but in a nutshell (to make a long story short or the main points are) we are called to support (both financially and spiritually) a couple of poor students in Việt Nam who didn't have enough money to go to school. If you could (this is not required), please ask your mom or dad to send a paper check to our church with the amount of money that you wish and are able to help, then pay back your parent in cash. :)
To help spiritually, you can attach a short note or drawing along with the check but more importantly, let us pray that they will get more help to be able to finish their school or college, and pray that we will never take anything in this life for granted and forever be thankful about everything and everyone in our lives.
True story, I was still in high school in Việt Nam some 15 years ago and one of my close friends had to drop out because his parents couldn't afford for him to keep staying in school so I was really saddened by that until this day.
Last but not least, ask God to give us a humble heart to realize how fortunate we always are and ask for generosity so that giving back will be our ultimate (principle/final) goal. This is how the life of a true Christian or Catholic that we're trying to become should be and it's not limited to money but also our talents, time, patience, efforts, prayers, and/or forgiveness.
Have a beautiful week ahead and stay safe các em, and give thanks. :)